Dark Mode for Figma

2.2 patch
Install dark mode in the Figma app interface. Make your Figma dark.
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Update 2.2 • 10 December


Update 2.2 • 10 December
Fixed: Update bug
Fixed: Inverted gradient in styles
Update 2.0 • 20 September
🔥 New: Added dark roulettes by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R (first turn on white roulettes by pressing Shift + R) if it does not work, it will be fixed in the next update
Fixed: Base colors in FigJam
Fixed: Display of styles and minor color fixes
🎉 New: FigmaDark now updates automatically. To check for updates, click “Check for Updates ...” in the right Figma menu. If a new version of FigmaDark is available, you will notice the change the next time you launch Figma
Update 1.5 • 20 August
Fixed: Many color bugs
Fixed: Text colors
Update 1.4 • 31 July
New: Increased number of licenses
Fixed: Color of some icons
Fixed: Text colors
Fixed: Bugs in the component search panel
Update 1.3 • 28 July
🔥 New: Removed the white screen at the start of Figma App
New: Added Restore App to remove dark mode
Fixed: Community search input
Fixed: Inverted colors in style pannel
Fixed: Project screen
Fixed: Frame rename input. (bonus: increased font when renaming)
Fixed: Icons color and mini bugs
Update 1.02
To prevent multiple reuse of the installer in different systems - the number of entering the license key has been reduced to 4. This figure will increase in the next updates.
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Update 1.0
Fixed: White shimmers when loading
Fixed: Now all plugins with native white background (plugins have their own styles, it's good to leave white)
Fixed: Loading gradient changed